Implant – How Does It Work?

Implant implantation method

Implant – How Does It Work?

An implant is a long-lasting (up to 3 years) contraceptive that works by releasing hormones into your body that stop sperm from being able to attach to the womb. It is also estrogen-free and so won’t raise your risk of forming blood clots like methods that contain estrogen do. The implant is a great option for women who may not be comfortable using the pill or who do not have access to other forms of hormonal birth control. It is reversible, so you can have it removed any time you decide the implant is no longer the right birth control for you.대구임플란트병원

The implant is inserted into the arm under local anaesthetic, usually with a needle. A health professional can put it in for you, or you may choose to have it inserted at home. You need to use a back-up method of contraception until the implant is in and working (about 7 days).

To get an implant, make an appointment with a health professional trained in this procedure. It is important to tell your healthcare provider about any medications you are taking or have taken in the past. It is also a good idea to see your primary care provider for a check-up and blood work before you get the implant. This is to make sure there are no medical conditions that would interfere with the success of the implant.

You and your doctor will talk about the different options for birth control. This includes the implant, pills, shot, ring, and diaphragm. Your doctor will help you decide which is the best choice for you. They will also discuss your family history, current health, lifestyle and any other factors that might be important to you.

Before you have an implant inserted, your health professional will clean the area on your arm and then numb it with a needle. A dressing is then put on the arm to reduce bruising. You will be able to feel the implant, but it is very difficult to see. You will need to keep the dressing on for 3-5 days.

There are two types of implants – round and tear drop shaped. The round implants are generally preferred as they give a more natural appearance. The tear drop shaped implants are a better fit for women who have undergone mastectomy.

You will be able to get an implant from your gynecologist, or you can ask a family planning provider if they offer them. You can also find a health professional who is trained in doing the procedure at SHINE SA.램브란트치과